What are my career prospects after London escorts?

I have been working for London escorts for such a long time that I can’t actually remember what life is like outside of London escorts. Most girls who go into escorting in London like those you see when you have a look at the girls here probably think that they are only going to stay in the profession for a few years. It is easier said then done. You soon get involved in the London escorts lifestyle, and it is hard to give that up.That is what has happened to me. I am so involved in our London escorts service, and I have one of the busiest dating diaries at the escort agency, and I am finding hard to let go of my work with London escorts. I date some really high profile gentlemen and they do spoil me. Unlike some other girls, I am always being taken out for nice dinners, drinks and we are not talking the kind of restaurants that you may just spend 50 quid in.

Not only that, but many of my London escorts dates really spoil me as well. The best way to put it is that I have become used to a certain lifestyle since I joined London escorts, and I am not going to find it easy to give it up. Other girls have left our London service and many of them have not found such good jobs. I am not saying that my brain needs to be taxed on an every day basis, but at the same time, I don’t want to end up not doing anything with the rest of my life. Am I that kind of girl who would be happy settled down and married? I am not sure that is for me.

Sure, lots of girls leave London escorts to settle down and marry, but I have a lot of things that I would like to do. Would I do them with a partner? I am not so sure, I do feel that a partner would get in the way. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have become very independent and I am not sure that I would make the easiest partner to live with on a long term basis.If I could find another job after London escorts, what would I love to do? Well, I have always been interested in beauty so I think that I would do something all long lines. I have thought about setting myself up as a beauty blogger. In fact, I have some really genuine advice that I could offer to women, and I think that it would be that sort of job that I would enjoy and get involved with when I think about it.

It would mean working from home, and as I have got my own flat, it would help to realise my dream of getting a little dog. Sure, I would like to have some male companionship, but I am not sure that I am prepared to share my life on a permanent basis. So many things to see and do.

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